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Compositions by Diane Davis Andrew,
publisher Celebration, or CCLI-listed

CCLI Title of Composition


Album Name SongBook
* Come, Lord Jesus 1975 Be Like Your Father Cry Hosanna
* Drop Everything and Go 1971   Sing Joyfully, Fresh Sounds
* God Has Called You 1975   Songs of Worship & Glory
* I am a Rock 1975 Celebrate The Feast Sing Joyfully
* I Want to Be a Child Again 1975 Be Like Your Father Songs of Prayer & Praise
* I'm Not Alone 1975   Sing Joyfully
* Jeremiah 1970 Hey Kids Do you Love Jesus Hey Kids Do you Love Jesus
* Listen Can't You Hear 1975 On Tiptoe  
* Love Come A Tumblin' Down 1972   Sing Praise with the FisherFolk
* Love You, Dear Jesus 1988 Travelin' Home Travelin' Home
* New Bread 1976 Rest Awhile Rest Awhile
* O Let Us Praise The Lord 1982 Rest Awhile Rest Awhile
  Praise My God With the Tambourine 1971   Fresh Sounds
* Robed in Majesty 1976 Cry Hosanna Cry Hosanna
* Sing Joyfully 1972 Celebrate the Christ Child  
* Thank You, Lord 1971 God is For Me Sing Joyfully
* The Angel and Mary 1974 Friends  
  The Lord is a Great and Mighty King 1973   Sing Joyfully
* The Pentecost Song 1976 Cry Hosanna Cry Hosanna
* When You've Sailed Away 1975 Mister Noah Mister Noah
  Wherever Two or More 1974   Sing Joyfully
* Yeldall Carol 1974 Celebrate The Feast  

(c) 2016 Diane Davis Andrew.