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"Listen: Open to The Call"

by Diane & Wiley (2002)

Listen Open to the Call
Recorded in Freedom, NH supported by local church. Only 1,000 CDs were ever made, now all sold out. These tracks now live on only as these digital MP3 files

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Listen 6:19
Come Into the Quiet 2:32
Do You Know? 4:02
Prayer for Healing/Shepherd Me, O God 3:19
Walk in the Light 4:08
South African Creed 1:47
In the Lord I'll be Ever Thankful 1:25
Blest are They 3:44
The Summons 2:24
Bring Forth the Kingdom 2:00
Friend / Jesus Loves Me 5:01
When I Listen to You 2:49
God of Hope and God of Glory 2:42